Financial Therapists

Derek Hagen
Financial Therapist & Coach
Minneapolis MN, USA
Jane Monica-Jones
Financial Therapist & Psychotherapy
Sydney, Australia
Dr Paul T (Ted) Klontz
Associate Professor Financial Psychology
Nashville TN, USA
Wendy Wright
Financial Therapist
Denver CO, USA
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Therapists & Counsellors

Martina Cinicola
Counselor, Bioenergetics Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor - Milan, Italy
Pratiti Meunier
Somatic Experiencing SE Therapist, Essential Counselor - Belgrade, Serbia
Rochelle Oshlack
Gestalt Therapist
Sydney, Australia
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Support  Services

Financial Counselling Australia
Peak body for financial counsellors in Australia
Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand
Financial Counselling, Free Financial Coaching Program
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