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Leading Financial Therapist uncovers our mental health issues with money.

Financial Therapist, Jane Monica-Jones turned her own issues with money; from financial chaos, underearning, overspending and even cheating, into helping others overcome their psychological and behavioural issues with money. This book culminates in seven years of study, research, interviews and working with clients in the field of Financial Therapy and Economic Empowerment.

“Our mental health issues with money drives us to overwork, gamble, engage in “retail therapy”, gets us addicted to credit, locks us into unsatisfying jobs, stresses us out and makes us ashamed of our position on the socio-economic ladder.”

The Billionaire Buddha takes the reader on a journey of fiscal self discovery. Using inquiry exercises, reflection tools, identifying financial stress triggers and money personality typing, to build financial efficacy and capability, plus much more. Including a 28 Day Challenge – a month long program designed to revolutionise the reader’s relationship with money.

“Financial education and understanding investment products and strategies is only half of what is required for true financial well being." says Jane. "When working to improve our financial lives we need to consider our own unique psychology, behaviours, beliefs and triggers with money.”

She believes money and the discussion of it, is in a way, the last taboo and … as with any taboo it is going to be rife with shame. The type of shame we sometimes feel with money that is so excruciating, we prefer to assign a level of non-emotionality to it. The kind of non-emotionality that puts profits before people, and exploitation before nature. As such the book covers the big subjects that we often don’t want to consider with money … Money & Pain, Money & Shame, Money & Power, and Money & The Saboteur.

“My belief is that this conversation, the very frank ‘money conversation’, particularly in these times, just might be the gateway we need for personal and planetary survival.”

Facilitating Economic Empowerment.

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