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We are looking for articles that are highly targeted to discussing money and finances in relationship to our key subject areas as listed in the Resource links and as described below ...

Money and its effect on the Environment - The Fair Trade of money - Financial Equality for all - What are Financial Institutions really doing with money,the good the bad and the ugly - The study, developments, benefits, insights and the rest of Financial Therapy - Mental Health and money, and the study, developments, benefits, insights and the rest of mental health - The money and finances through awareness and mindfulness in Mindful Money - Clean Money, new money models, gift economy and much more in New Money.

What you must include when you submit an article:

  • There is no deadline. We publish daily and schedule a couple of weeks ahead. We prefer not to put deadline pressure on us and you!

  • Articles must not have been published or offered elsewhere, and should not be third party advertorial. Fill in the form below us if you wish advertise on the site. We will discuss whether your campaign is a relevant fit for our audience. Otherwise any links or text deemed to be advertorial or commercial will be removed in the editing process.

  • Articles around 1000 or so words (a little more if you need them) — we prefer to have each article to be a ‘micro topic’ about one point or aspect, rather than trying to cram a whole ‘big picture’ into a single article.

  • Please submit your contribution as a Word document, with the details listed below embedded in it.

  • We absolutely insist that each contributor article include a paragraph of bio at the end with a link either through to the website or business they own, plus social media links and also links to their most recent book or paper, if applicable, so that readers can find them.

  • Note: including promotional links to a business or site you do not own will be considered third party advertorial.

  • Publication of an article after we send you these guidelines constitutes acceptance of the guidelines and any editing we undertake to have a submission meet them, and permission for us to retain the published work on


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