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Jane Monica- Jones specialises in General and Financial Therapy - Money, Anxiety, Relationships, Grief, Addiction, Depression & Trauma

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There is a ‘collective secret’ that says, we should all have a good handle on money as we grow into adulthood. Yet we are generally never taught about managing money let alone how our individual psychology may affect our relationship with it. Money is one of the most profound relationships in our lives and yet most of us we have not received true guidance, support and any profound understanding of how money can and will trigger our emotional landscape. The Billionaire Buddha repairs this often broken relationship and builds a sense of inner security beyond what is happening to us financially. From here we grow in trust in ourselves, to provide all that we need in our lives.

In this therapeutic book we unpack at our early upbringings with money and how this has laid the foundation of how we relate to our finances. Through the Billionaire Buddha 28 Day Challenge, we analysis our specific relationship with money, deconstruct our beliefs and behaviours and ultimately build a healthy foundation, that serves both the self and our bank balance.

​Buy The Billionaire Buddha on Amazon. Live is Australia, and want the hardcopy? Buy direct from me it is cheaper!



Jane is a leading Financial Therapist. She is a pioneer in the study of the psychological issues with money, behavioural management of finances and maladaptive financial practices, such as gambling, risk, retail therapy, overspending and underearning. She has a passion for this sometimes challenging subject and works compassionately with clients and employees of organisations to repair this relationship.

She released her latest book The Billionaire Buddha in 2019, a culmination of seven years of work, study and research in the field of Financial Therapy.

Jane is the founder and Director of Financial Wellbeing, a training organisation dedicated to the field  of financial literacy, financial capability and economic empowerment.


Jane is also a Path Retreats Facilitator. 

Jane Monica-Jones

Financial Wellbeing

Jane Monica-Jones
Worthy Bias

worthy bias

Extensive research has shown that individuals act in biased ways regardless of explicitly believing that prejudice and discrimination are wrong. So it is not surprising that courses such as diversity and inclusion make up a significant portion of an organisation's HR programs for staff and managers.


Through working in the field of Financial Therapy, Jane has identified an unconscious bias that is both recognised and understood, but much less acknowledged by organisations, staff and practitioners ... and that is worthy biasWorthy Bias can be defined as the tendency to prioritise delivery of service provision to clients that are more engaged, available or compliant to the practitioner's or service's treatments, facilities or assistance programs. As such client's deemed 'less engaged' but no less deserving, fall through the cracks from receiving much needed support and assistance. Through Jane's training organisation Financial Wellbeing, she has development a Worthy Bias Training program. Click the link below to discover more ... 

Worthy Bias Training at Financial Wellbeing

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Buy Jane's Financial Therapy book called The Billionaire Buddha


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